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Personal Journal of Dr. Will Zimmerman

Really taking in all the details

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Name:Will Zimmerman
Birthdate:Nov 19

.will zimmerman

When he was 8 his mother was killed by a 'monster' while they were out camping. The experience allowed him to see what most people tended to ignore.

This made him fee under appreciated and his theories made him a joke when he was working with the FBI, who transfered him to Homicide in Old City.

A case that bordered insanely X-filesesque landed him in the path of Dr. Helen Magnus and a job that was a little too hard to just walk away from.

.canon point

I'm playing Will pretty much from first season, though I've seen the webisodes and am caught up on the current season. He'll play with just about anyone, though I will tend to stick more to other Sanctuary pups. Feel free to tag him all you want.

I'm open to verses, if there's a plausable reasoning for him to be in one.

.mun info

I'm not Robin, nor am I Will. Both the pup and the player are over 18, though I will not do baby arcs with him. He'll interact with canon spawn, but no fanon. For the most part I'm still getting his voice so he'll stay out of any real relationships for the time being.

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